World’s First Eco-Friendly
De-icer Using Starfish Extract



ECO-ST is an eco-friendly de-icer utilizing starfish, a marine waste as a primary ingredient. As a result of extensive development conducted by our researchers from Seoul National University, we have improved our product's melting performance while reducing environmental impacts through innovative methods. ECO-ST1 is the best solution, for issues such as concrete degradation, corrosion underside of the vehicle, and necrosis of trees, which are common outcomes caused by the use of conventional de-icers.
ECO-ST reduces indirect costs associated with snow removal by 90%. 80% of the costs incurred by snow removal are indirect costs. ECO-ST minimizes the cost of repairing roads, bridges, vehicles, guardrails, and plant damage. ECO-ST boasts its fast and continuous melting property to prevent accidents. As a result, ECO-ST can provide 90% indirect cost savings. In addition, unassessable costs such as respiratory diseases and pet paw burns are also addressed by ECO-ST.


Total Social Value Creation
Per 1 Bag of ECO-ST


ECO-ST Features


Introducing STAR'S TECH's eco-friendly agent, ECO-ST

How to Use

Temperature 0℃ ~ -5℃ -5℃ ~ -15℃ -15℃ ~ -25℃ -25℃ ~ -35℃
below 3cm of snow 30 g/㎡ 60 g/㎡ 90 g/㎡ 120 g/㎡
above 3cm of snow 40 g/㎡ 70 g/㎡ 100 g/㎡ 130 g/㎡

When there is more than 5 cm of snow,
moderately brush the snow away before applying
the product.

Depending on the conditions, the amount required
can be adjusted.
(I.e. Areas frequently frozen, amount of snow,

product process

STAR's TECH produced
ECO-ST as the world's first technology
Collection of starfish
Arrival of the raw material
Starfish extraction process
Store raw material

Starfish extract

Raw material

Input of raw materials
Special Mixing
Process of ECO-ST